BStruggle Press Kit

BStrugglePosterImage1           #TheStruggleIsReal


Title: #TheStruggleIsReal

Format: SD

Run Time: 5:50


#TheStruggleIsReal first started out about what parents go through to lead their kids in a successful future. We then discovered how many teens don’t appreciate what parents do. We felt that parents and teens don’t understand each other and what they go through. Our story captures both sides of a story between how a family, teens, and parents think what they go through. A story of compassion.

Crew Statement

We wanted to make this film to inspire others. This topic is important to us because most teens and parents have different types of relationships. For example, most teens don`t get along with their parents, while some do get alone with their parents and we wanted to know why. We`ve learned that parenting can be hard at times. When the audience watch this documentary we want them to walk away with the idea that parenting can be hard sometimes hard but you have to let your child(ren) go out and adventure the world to find out who they really are. And they are going to make mistake as they get older, and instead of beating them down with it coach them to get better at it.

Crew Journal Entry

During the interviews we had with a couple of teens there was one that really stuck out. Maurice Holmes did a combination of a serious, but funny. Also, during the Jackson family interview we noticed that they had a strong family bond with one another, and they are very comedic. They smiled and laughed a lot and showed that they have a lot of trust within each other.