Glory Crew Productions presents… “Hear Her Voice: Hidden Victims of Gun Violence”



Title: Hear Her Voice: Hidden Victims of Gun Violence

Format: HD, 2018

Runtime: 7 mins, 40 secs

Language: English

Genre: Short Documentary

Hear Her Voice: Hidden Victims of Gun Violenceis a creative and powerful documentary that will change the way people look at gun violence victims. It’s focused on women who have experienced gun violence. We picked this topic because it is a huge problem that should be addressed but isn’t touched on most of the time by the media. Most people in Chicago are unaware of just how much women are affected by gun violence and how many of those same women are victims of gun violence.

Over the course of the summer, we gained skills in communication, punctuality, and having self-confidence.This summer, we enjoyed meeting each other and meeting new people from the community and other countries. Another highlight was conducting interviews at different locations. Some advice our production team would give others is to be polite and to make good first impressions. Secondly, work hard and don’t give up on the goals you want to accomplish. Whether it be specifically for your documentary or for the summer in general. Remember to keep a positive attitude and don’t let others change it. Lastly, you are going to have people that don’t want to participate in the short documentary or that are very rude; however, you have to remember to be strong and keep your confidence. You are giving a voice to those who oftentimes don’t have one.

Producer: Maya Thompson

Reporter: Jaliyah Armstead

Cinematographer: Gina Navarrete

Editor: India Harris 

Executive Producer: Ricardo Segura Jr. 

Executive Producer: Tiara Harris


Special thanks to all the interview subjects and organizations that helped contribute to this project!

 Nyla Washington

India Harris

Mary Saunders

Kate Powell

Gary Cozette

Kelly Kornacki

Bethany Nguyen

Haleem Saeed

Strides For Peace

 BUILD Chicago

 The Visibility Project: A Long Walk in Douglas Park

  Homan Square Nichols Tower

Free Spirit Media

  Pulitzer Center For Crisis Reporting