Person2Person presents… “Raising A Better Chicago”



Title: Raising A Better Chicago

Format: HD, 2018

Runtime: 7 mins, 20 secs

Language: English

Genre: Short Documentary

Raising A Better Chicago” is a short documentary about youth organizations and communities working together to provide for the youth, because they aren’t getting the help they need from the government.

We wanted to tell this story because, we wanted to get the message out to other people that urban communities deserve the same amount of treatment the other communities get. Yes Chicago has a lot of violence and hardships, but there is a lot of good that can come out of helping and providing for our children. During the process of filming this project we learned that you can do anything as a community whether it’s filming a documentary or helping raise our future. We just want our audience to know after watching our doc that there are good sides of chicago that are trying to raise the next generation, but they are not getting recognized or aided. We just want people to know that our children need to be built up and that can’t happen when there is no one there to do it.

Producer/Reporter: Zuri Spencer

Cinematographer: Marcus Bryant

Editor: Valeria Rodriguez

Executive Producer: Kim Le Mezo


Special thanks to all the interview subjects and organizations that helped contribute to this project!

              Veranda Armstead, Youth participant

           Anita Archibald, Lawndale Community Daycare

        Desire Hunter, UCAN

        Brandon Love, Family Focus

    David Leija, ASM/Increase The Peace

              Angel Cornejo Jr.

                Omarion Franklin, Youth participant


                       Homan Square Nichols Tower

                     Free Spirit Media

                                Pulitzer Center For Crisis Reporting