Y-Tech Productions presents… “Graffiti: An Overlooked Paint Style”



Title: Graffiti: An Overlooked Paint Style

Format: HD, 2018

Runtime: 7 mins, 49 secs

Language: English

Genre: Short Documentary

Our production team chose the topic of graffiti because we all grew up in communities where art was always seen but never really talked about. We chose to make a documentary about meeting the hidden artists behind these influential art pieces. We wanted to know what was going through their minds, and their overall views on the history of graffiti. Our documentary portrays the hidden message behind graffiti.

Over the course of the program we learned so much about graffiti, and it what it offers the community. It is often times seen as rebellious act, but it’s really a way of expressing ones self and painting their feelings. Graffiti, like many art forms have evolved over time, but the impact it has on graffiti artists will remain valuable. Throughout the program we gained many skills; such as, communication skills, teamwork skills, and production skills. We are confident that these are skills we will use in the future. 

Producer: Elijah Payne 

Reporter: Daronte Giles

Cinematographer: Jazz Green

Editor: Rashaun Wells

Executive Producer: Danielshé Rodgers 


Special thanks to all the interview subjects and organizations that helped contribute to this project!

Leon Kelsick


Rahmaan Statik 

 Free Spirit Media

    Homan Square Nichols Tower

    Pulitzer Center For Crisis Reporting